MV Multi-Voltage 420V to 240V Transformer 3.00kVA

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MV3000P2S2 Transformer; 3kVA Rating; Input 20/0/380/420V 50/60Hz; Output 10/0/220/240V

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Product Description

Multi-voltage continuous rated control circuit transformer.

High specification with IP20 touch-proof terminals.

Class H varnish impregnation and core earth connection.

Ambient temperature range -10 °C to +35 °C.

Designed to EN 61558-1: Class E insulation.

Voltage regulation of 3%.

Input voltage – 20/0/380/420V 50/60 Hz.

Output voltage – 10/0/220/240V.

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Input Voltage 20/0/380/420V 50/60 Hz
Output Voltage & Current 10/0/220/240V
Dimensions 192 L x 189 W x 185 H mm
Weight (kg) 28.000