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As of this month, MEAN WELL have announced a number of updates to their list of discontinued products. The DRH and DRT series have now been added, with our DR, DRP, PS, and SP ranges only available on a 90 day lead-time from MEAN WELL. The last production date for all of the above ranges is scheduled for Tuesday 8th September 2020. There are, however, new and more cost-effective models ... [Read More]
POSTED: January 23, 2020
Beware of companies falsely advertising UL Listed transformers. There have been a few instances recently in which transformers designed to UL standards (without UL certification) or UL Recognised transformers (without full UL Listing) have been incorrectly labelled as UL Listed. Using a non-UL Listed transformer where UL Listing is essential can result in inspection failures. Only transformers ... [Read More]
POSTED: January 15, 2020
ETE Santa
The ETE factory and offices are scheduled for closure over the festive period from 12:30 on Monday 23rd December 2019 (last shipping date on the 20th) until Wednesday 1st January 2019. Any enquiries / orders sent during our festive closure will be dealt with when the factory and offices reopen on Thursday 2nd January 2020. We will be ready to ship items again from this date onwards. See ... [Read More]
POSTED: December 9, 2019
ETE's factory and offices will operate under new Friday hours from 3rd January 2020 onwards. This will be a permanent change to our Friday hours, with our Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday opening hours remaining unchanged. Our hours will remain the same for the remainder of December. Please see a summary below of our new opening hours and order submission deadlines for next day ... [Read More]
POSTED: December 9, 2019
Our FK 77 and LFB series of AC and DC filter cooling fans are our product of the month selection for November. These units are stocked for immediate despatch and offer airflow rates of 20 cu m/hr to 1,350 cu m/hr free blowing or 15 cu m/hr to 780 cm m/hr with an exhaust filter fitted. They are protected to IP54 and feature dimensions from 60 D x 105 W x 105 H mm. Power ratings are from 12W to 1 ... [Read More]
POSTED: November 5, 2019
ETE is UL certified and, as such, can design and manufacture UL Listed transformers from, 25VA to 5kVA, to your exact specifications and requirements. We are one of the only UK manufacturers accredited to manufacture UL Listed control transformers and offer very competitive prices on all of our units. The transformers are designed to UL 5085-1 and UL 5085-2 standards, as per file number E ... [Read More]
POSTED: October 8, 2019
Custom-Built Transformer in Stainless Steel Enclosure
Here is one of our latest custom-built transformers housed in an aesthetically pleasing stainless steel enclosure. The transformer is a 3ph to 1ph unit, rated at 3.6kVA. The enclosure is designed to IP23 and features an MCB protected by an IP65 hinged window, an indicator, and a gland plate for input / output cables. ETE design and manufacture bespoke transformers, from 25VA 1ph to 500kVA 3ph, ... [Read More]
POSTED: September 11, 2019
For the month of September, we have not chosen a single product or range, but are instead focusing on MEAN WELL's HDR, EDR, and NDR series of AC to DC switched-mode DIN rail power supplies. These ranges have been confirmed as the replacements for the discontinued DR and DRP ranges, which, as of July, are now only available on a three-month lead-time. Full details on MEAN WELL's July 2019 discon ... [Read More]
POSTED: September 3, 2019
ETE are one of the UK's leading bespoke transformer manufacturers, offering a range of custom-built transformers from 25VA to 5o0kVA, designed to our customer's exact specifications and requirements. We can manufacture transformers to insulation Class E, F, or H and have a full range of IP23 to IP55 enclosures available. We manufacture single-phase (1ph), two-phase (2ph), and three-phase (3ph) ... [Read More]
POSTED: August 6, 2019
DR Group
MEAN WELL announced in January that a number of popular ranges had not been recommended for new design. As per their July 2019 update, all of these units have now entered their end of life (EOL) procedure. Once this procedure has been completed, the specified ranges will no longer be in production. Due to the slow down in the quantity of these units produced, they are now only availabl ... [Read More]
POSTED: July 9, 2019

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