MV Multi-Voltage Series

The MV range caters for wider variations in voltage inputs and outputs and helps to accommodate a more extensive array of applications. Our MV transformers have
multi-voltage inputs of 10/0/220/240V, 20/0/380/420V, or 0/120V 0/120V for series or parallel connection. The output options are 0/55/110V (55/0/55V) 110V centre tapped, 10/0/220/240V, or 0/12V – 0/12V, again, for series or parallel connection. Ratings range from 50VA to 10kVA. These transformers are perfect for panel builders (for use within control panels), OEMs, and many other industrial and commercial applications.
Select the transformer with the primary and secondary voltages of your choice then pick your VA rating from the dropdown menu inside.