NP 38-12
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NP 12V DC Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid Battery 38.0Ah

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Yuasa NP 38-12 Lead-Acid Battery 12V 38Ah

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Product Description

Yuasa valve-regulated lead-acid battery.

High quality.

Expected life of five years in float standby mode.

Ambient temperature range of -15 °C to +50 °C.

Maintenance-free rechargeable battery.

Superb recovery from deep discharge.

Multipurpose float or cyclic use.

Superior energy density.

Lead-calcium grids for extended life.

Control of gas generation using oxygen recombination technology.

Applications include control systems, standby power systems, emergency lighting, alarm systems, UPS control, and medical equipment.

Unique sealed construction ensures no electrolyte leakage from either the case or the terminals.

Over 1,000 discharge / charge cycles can be expected (dependant on the average depth of discharge).

The extremely low self-discharge rate allows the batteries to be stored for up to one year at normal ambient temperatures without any permanent loss of capacity.


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Output Voltage & Current 12V DC
Dimensions 197.0 L x 165.0 W x 170.0 H mm
Weight (kg) 14.200