LK-L5X 10 Watt LED Panel and Enclosure Lamp (110~240V AC)

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LK-L5X10A 10 Watt LED Panel Lamp


Product Description

LED 10 Watt panel lamp.

No strobe effect, infrared or UV.

Voltage range 110~240V AC.

Comes with opal cover.

Typical life >50,000 hours.

For a wide range of panel and enclosure lighting settings.

High quality LED chips as the light source.

Light output is radiation free.

The LED chips are cold light type, impact resistant, and shockproof.

Easy to install and are interlockable to extend their length.

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Watts 10.0 Watts
Input Voltage 110~240V AC
Dimensions 871.0 L mm
Weight (kg) 0.400