Enclosed Variable Autotransformer Free Standing 3ph 10A

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RAVI 10P-3 Variable Autotransformer; Bench Mounted 415V 0…470V 10 Amps 50/60Hz 3ph

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Input Voltage 415V 50/60Hz
Output Voltage & Current 0...470V AC
Dimensions 190 L x 245 W x 520 H mm
Weight (kg) 34.000
Current Output 10A max (9A cont.)

Product Description

Three-phase enclosed variable autotransformer (variac).

415V 50Hz input and 0…470V 50Hz output.

High efficiency with high quality and long life wiper design.

No output voltage distortion.

Ambient temperature range from -10°C to +45°C.

Unique silver or nickle plated wiper path design to give high reliability and long life.

Wound on high quality and low loss toroidal cores giving efficiencies up to 98%.

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