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UL0250 250VA UL Listed Custom Built Transformer

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UL Listed 250VA Transformer

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Product Description

Custom built control circuit transformer to your specification.

Ambient temperature range -10 °C to +40°C.

Designed to: UL 5085-1 AND UL 5085-2 Standards as per UL File No. E502156 &

Our Class F Insulation system (155°C) under file number E502131.

Any quantity can be produced with a fast turnaround.

Sizes from 50VA to 5KVA as standalone listed products.

Any size within our capabilities with UR markings as per our Insulation system.

For full technical data contact our sales team


Input Voltage Custom
Output Voltage & Current Custom
Dimensions 120 L x 88 W x 120 H mm
Weight (kg) 0.000