Mean Well LCM Series

The units within the Mean Well LCM constant current series of LED drivers / power supplies range from 25 Watts to 60 Watts and feature a multi-stage output current selectable by a DIP switch. The PSUs come with either built-in 3-in-1 dimming function or DALI interface and push dimming function. All models have built-in PFC function and are highly economical with efficiencies up to 92%. The units are designed to IP20 and are suitable for a number of applications, including: LED indoor lighting, LED office lighting, LED architectural lighting, and LED panel lighting. The units are UL approved (UL 8750), with the adjustable output voltages spanning from 6V to 54V and corresponding output current ratings ranging from 350mA to 1,050mA.
Select the LED driver / power supply with the power rating of your choice then pick your output current from the dropdown menu inside.