Portable Site Transformers

Our range of single-phase (1ph) 240V, two-wire (2ph) 415V, and three-phase (3ph) 415V portable site transformers are ideal for stepping down voltages when using power tools on the construction or building site. The single-phase transformers within this range are 110V centre tapped to earth and range from 8kVA to 10kVA continuously rated (10kVA to 12kVA tool rated). The three-phase transformers within this range have an 110V phase/phase star connected output with neutral taken to earth. They range between 10kVA and 30kVA continuously rated (12.5kVA and 35kVA tool rated).  
Select the transformer with the primary voltage, phase, and number of sockets of your choice then pick your VA rating from the dropdown menu inside.

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