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500kVA Custom-Built Transformer
ETE, once again, showcased why we are one of the most highly regarded transformer manufacturers nationwide after successful completion of, not one, but, two 500kVA custom-built transformers - the biggest bespoke transformers we have ever been asked to design. When dealing with custom-built requests our technical team work closely with the customer to ensure the transformer is designed in lin ... [Read More]
POSTED: August 19, 2017
There have been additions to three of our most popular ranges this month with the MV1000P1S3, APV-8-12, and HLG-600H-12A all becoming available to buy through our website. ETE is home to one of the largest, if not the largest, stock range of control circuit transformers in the UK with all types purchasable online. In addition, we are continuously adding stock models to our Mean Well LED driver ... [Read More]
POSTED: May 31, 2017
Pressure Equalisers Group
April has again been an active month with over 40 new products being uploaded including the LK-Y5 and LK-L5X panel and enclosure lighting ranges. Our e-commerce shop now has over 950 products items available for purchase as we offer our customers an alternative method of ordering our products within just a couple of clicks. See below for a full round of the latest additions to our extensi ... [Read More]
POSTED: April 28, 2017
Image 2
Introduction Bob Tapping, Managing Director, has been directly involved in the transformer industry for over 50 years now, with latter 2016 marking his golden anniversary in the business. During this time the panel building and electrical markets have evolved tremendously with Bob experiencing, and surviving, the rollercoaster ride that inevitably comes with running your own business. Bob has ... [Read More]
POSTED: April 21, 2017
Distribution Blocks Group
We are continuing to add to our online catalogue with over 40 new products uploaded this month including our popular DB and UK series of distribution blocks.  Our e-commerce shop is now home to more than 900 items with more due to be added in the coming months as we strive to offer our customers all of our stocked products at the click of a button. See below for a full round up of the la ... [Read More]
POSTED: March 31, 2017
CBI Group
We have again been busy adding to our extensive online catalogue with over 100 new items added during the month of February. A total of 871 of our most popular stocked products can now be found on our website including the addition of our new Plastim range of thermostats and Mean Well RS and RSP series of enclosed power supplies.  See below for a full round up of the latest additions... ... [Read More]
POSTED: February 28, 2017
NP Series Group
We have been busy at work adding to our, already versatile, online catalogue over the past few months with over 80 new items now available to purchase through our eCommerce store. A total of 779 of our most popular stocked products can now be found on our website including new additions to our WV control circuit transformer range and TFS / SFS site transformer range. See below for a full ... [Read More]
POSTED: January 30, 2017
Xmas Jumper Day 2016
It's that time of year again and the festive spirit has once more encompassed the ETE work force. With the factory and offices laced with sparkling tinsel and brightly coloured lights even the most scrooge-like individual would be hard pushed not to sing a Christmas carol. Today marked ETE's second annual Xmas Jumper Day in which the company contributes a donation to a nominated charity ... [Read More]
POSTED: December 16, 2016
ETE are now stocking the innovative new CBI series of all-in-one power supply, intelligent battery charger, and UPS units. Embracing a compact profile, with dimensions from just 65 x 135 x 115 mm, this range is perfect for where space is of a premium. This unique collection provides output ranges of 12~48V DC (1.5~35A) with efficiency of up to 91%. The units are DIN rail mountable and ideal for ... [Read More]
POSTED: December 8, 2016
With the debate continuing as to whether the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the EU was in the best interest of the country’s small-to-medium businesses, ETE will discuss how Brexit has impacted us in the months after the result of the referendum vote was announced. There have been a number of points of contention which we will discuss, namely, the weakening in value of the British Po ... [Read More]
POSTED: October 31, 2016

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